Interviews are conducted with glass artists from around the world and from a variety of disciplines. Some are up and coming artists and some are extremely well established. As each interview is dated it should be possible for anyone keen enough to gauge where abouts in a particular career this particular interview was given. Each interview is composed of the same broad set of questions and anyone wishing to learn more about a particular artist is advised to look at the website for that artist. The last question of each interview, (or questionnaire if you prefer) is always, what is the address of your website.  At present inteviews will appear on the main posting page. As the site progresses and the number of interviews builds up they will be moved to their own archive.

It is hoped that in the future more detailed interviews will be compiled, for the time being please enjoy.

interviews are listed in date order (date refers to date of uploading, the date of writing is listed in the text of the interview itself) :-

Victoria Scholes 8/12/2012

Denise mt Basso 5/12/2011

Karlin Rushbrooke -24/11/2011

Amy Christie -21/11/2011

Colin Reid – 10/11/2011

Katy Wollatt – 9/11/2011

Sarah Blood – 8/11/2011

Akoko Okeyo  – 7/11/2011

Ami Kitsuda – 7/11/2011

Hiroko Shoami –  5/11/2011

David Reekie – 5/11/2011

Bruno Romanelli – 2/11/2011

Joseph  Cavalieri – 2/11/2011

Nani Croze 2/11/2011

Catherine Hough 1/11/2011

Sabine Little – 29/10/2011

Dr. Jessamy Kelly – 27/10/2011

Stewart Hearn – 26/10/2011

Gonny Van Hulst – 26/10/2011

Tlws Johnson – 25/10/2011

Lesley Pyke – 25/10/2011

Ayako Hattori – 24/10/2011

Katharine Coleman – 23/10/2011

Emma Butler-Cole Aiken – 23/10/2011

Mark “Les” Leeson – 22/10/2011

Adam Aaronson – 22/10/2011

Phil Vickery –  22/10/2011

Rachel Elliott – 21/10/2011

Sui Danger Jackson – 20/10/2011

Dominic Fondé – 18/10/2011

Anne Clifton – 18/10/2011

Nancy Sutciffe – 17/10/2011

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