About Dominic

Dominic is an artist and writer, originally from the UK and now based in Singapore







Current Position

Freelance Glass artist based in Singapore.


Art Education

ŸMaster of Design (specialising in blown glass) at The Edinburgh College of Art. Grad. 2001

ŸB.A.Hons in Ceramics and Glass 2.1 at The Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education. 1993 to 1996

ŸFoundation Studies in Art and Design at the Newcastle College of Art and Technology 1992-93


Selected Exhibitions/Commission

Ÿ”The Feather and the Shadow” solo show at Thavibu Gallery Bangkok, August 2011

ŸArtist in residence for Tanglin trust School August to December 2011

ŸTalk for Science Centre Singapore “Science Café: the World without Glass” 31st June 2011.

ŸEngraver for launch of Rouge Automatique by Guerlain May 2011.

Ÿ”Unshakable” light Editions Gallery, Singapore, March 2011

Ÿ”The Human tide” one man show, written and performed by Dominic Fonde, Sculpture Square 17 and 19th Feb 2011

ŸCommemorative Plaque for “Tanglin Trust School Sixth Form Centre”, Singapore. Unveiled by HRH Duke of York, 15th sept. 2010

Ÿ“Birdsong” Residency and exhibition at Toyama Glass Studio, Japan, April – May 2010, Singapore August 2010, Northlands Creative Glass, Scotland Nov – Dec 2010, Sculpture Square Singapore May 2011.

Ÿ“The World Without Glass” Two day residency at The Tanglin Trust School, Singapore Jan. 2009

Ÿ“Migrate” Touring exhibition organized by The Scottish Glass Society, July 2009 to March 2010

ŸPalimpsest. – An Art Glass Solutions Exhibition curated by Dominic Fonde, Nov 2009 Sculpture Square Singapore

ŸClearly Drawn. Sept- Nov 2009 Exhibition at The Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales, UK

ŸThe Red and The Orange. A collaborative exhibition with B. Jane Cowie for Art Glass Solutions. Vitria Gallery, Singapore 23rd May – 12June 2009

ŸOne week residency at Tanglin Trust School Singapore March 9 -13 2009

ŸCohesion at the Pyramid Gallery, York UK March 2009

ŸArt Singapore (with Art Glass solutions) 9th -13th oct 2008

Ÿ“Fragments” group show at Forth Gallery, 69a Pagoda Street, Singapore. May 2008

Ÿ6 engraved plates with short stories for Adamson Noon, London April 2007

Ÿ“My Secret Garden” 3 engraved windows for Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses. Jan. 2007

ŸFeatured artist at The Strathearn Gallery Feb – March 2006

ŸThe Chelsea Crafts Fair 2004 and 2005

ŸArt in Action. Waterperry House, Oxon July 2005

ŸVerbatim:The Art of Text, Byard Art, Cambridge June 2005

Ÿ21st Century Glass. The Daniel Katz Gallery London Jan. 2005

ŸBritish Glass, Glass Inspiration, Burgdorf Switzerland Nov 2004

ŸBritish Glass Biennale 2004 Ruskin Mill Stourbridge

ŸHaiku and Glass A series of collaborations between eleven glass artists and eleven poets. Curated by Dominic Fondé

June – Sept. 2003 The Bowes Museum

Oct to Dec. 2003 The Glass Art Gallery, London

Jan – Feb 2004 The World Of Glass, St. Helens

April – May 2004 The Customs House, South Shields

Ÿ“Storylines” April 2003 The Scottish Gallery

Ÿ“9 x 9”The leather Market, Weston Street, London.

Ÿ“Ten Green Bottles” Work by ten glass blowers, based on a short story by Dominic Fondé and drawings by primary school children. Curated by Dominic Fondé

March – May 2002 The Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead.

August – Sept. 2002 The National Glass Centre, Sunderland

Oct. 2002 The World of Glass, St. Helens

Nov. 2002 The Edinburgh College of Art

4th March 2004 Charity Auction in aid of POD at The Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead


ŸThe Pilkington Collection, The World of Glass, St. Helens

ŸThe Collection of Prof. Dan Klein and Alan Poole, London (collection donated to Royal Museum of Scotland in 2010)



  • Associate Fellowship Guild of Glass Engravers. December 2009


Selected Publications

  • Featured in “Creative Glass” by Danjela Kracun, Schiffer Publishing, ISBN -10 0674335057
  • Article “Drawing as form – Exhibition review Singapore Gallery Guide Oct. 2009
  • Article “Erased – Exhibition Review”, Singapore Gallery Guide Sept. 2009
  • Article “Lasts/change – Exhibition review”, Singapore Gallery Guide July 2009
  • Article “Comics and Superheroes – exhibition review, Singapore Gallery Guide June 2009
  • Article “Under pressure” for Glashaus” magazine July 2008
  • Article “Postcard from China” Contemporary Glass Society Newsletter Spring 2008
  • Featured in “Techniques of Glass Engraving” Peter Dreiser and Jonathan Matcham. A & C Black ISBN-10: 0713675160


About Dominic Fondé


Dominic Fondé is a professional glass artist who has been working with blown and engraved glass art for over ten years. He has many of his artworks in public and private collections in the United Kingdom and Europe. His public commissions notably include a series of engraved art glass windows at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. In 2006 he relocated to Singapore and in early 2008 founded Dominic Fonde Glass Art. At this time he worked as a partner and founding member of Art Glass Solutions. He was commissioned by Versace to engrave perfume bottles at the launch of their new fragrance at Civic Plaza, Singapore in 2008. Dominic is the only professional glass engraver working in Singapore and has been featured on Media Corp TV programs “On The Beat” and “Knockout”. In December 2008 he was elected to Associate Fellowship of the Guild of Glass Engravers. In 2009 he took part in “Migrate” the 30th anniversay show of the Scottish Glass Society which toured the UK. His piece for the show titled “9 feathers” was auctioned to raise funds for the Scottish Glass Society’s future projects. In 2011 his partnership with Art Glass Solutions was brought to a close in order for him to concentrate on his personal projects such as “Birdsong”, a touring exhibition that visited Japan, Scotland and Singapore during 2010 and 2011 and his one man show “The Human Tide” a series of twelve linked short stories that explore the power of perfume which he wrote and performed in early 2011.


Dominic uses the technique of drill engraving to inscribe his own original short stories onto glass objects. Typically the objects are vessels, jugs, vases, goblets etc. The stories aim to explore the emotional weight that such items have in our lives. A glass can hold more than water and vase more than flowers. They hold thoughts feelings and memories too. His recent work has be focused on images of birds and feathers. He is particularly interested in the feather as a metaphor for a person, being blown at random by the wind to new experiences and events.


“When Dominic first started working with me in the late 90’s he had already established an interest in glass as a material but his secret passion was writing. Scrolling away his prolific stories while at the same time struggling to express himself through the material of glass. It wasn’t until the marriage of this writing and the material that he found his voice. The focus of that voice is narrative. We have both chosen very different ways of examining the principles of storytelling in relationship to our chosen material. We represent, perhaps the extremes; with Dominic dominating with words and I with image. The connection being that we both use the transparency of the material as the vehicle of expression” Steven Newell on Dominic Fondé


Dominic became fascinated with the technique of drill engraving while working in London for glass artist Steven Newell in the late 1990’s. Drill engraving offered him the opportunity to marry his two passions, glass and story telling. Initially his short stories were science fiction and fantasy based efforts but over time he began to explore the emotional weight that objects such as vases, wine glasses and paperweights have in peoples lives. These items might be fine craft objects or simply nick knacks picked up at a rummage sale, never-the-less they become of crucial emotional importance to people and their sudden loss can be a dramatic and devastating moment.


Glass exerts a fascination for Dominic due to his idea that we are currently living in the “glass age”. By this he means that glass is the defining technological material of the times, just as stone was in the stone age or iron in the iron age. Glass has played an indispensable role in shaping or world from its applications in medical science through to spectacle lenses and windows that keep out the weather and let light in. No material is so ubiquitous and yet so relied upon. Dominic regularly gives lectures runs workshops titled “the world without glass” in which he invites people to imagine a world where glass has never been discovered.


Dominic’s most recent work has been as a curator, or as he puts it a catalyst for collaborations between artists. “Birdsong” was a project developed with his long time friend, glass artist Kathryn Pearce. It started with the notion of birds sitting on telephone wires creating an image reminiscent of sheet music. Music is an international form of communication and so Dominic and Kathryn collaborated with two artists from Toyama Glass Studio in Japan. It was a chance for Dominic to push his drawing skills to the fore. He created a series of engraved bird images focusing on owls and crows. This show in turn led to his solo exhibition in Thailand, “The Feather and the Shadow” in which his engravings of owls are lit in such a way as to render the glass invisible and the engraved line as a shadow on the wall. This is a very modern take on a technique with a long history and tradition and highlights Dominic’s understanding of his medium.

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